Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Husbandman's Hands

cradle soft my soul
whisper to me, low and bold
tethering your remedies
‘round my wounded heart with
nimble words, you sew,
with tight roped attentiveness
through the dangerously delicate
muscle of my heart

while quietly praying for a miracle 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Connection Born of Fire

He lies sleeping,
My pen across the page,
His white noise lullaby.

And you… you settle
Deep into the places lovers keep
The blinding light of a dream I can touch.

This secret life sustaining me,
Through the fragrant disappointment
The chosen consequences of living brings.

I am, in stillness,
A woman who loves you beyond reason,
Soul sought what wishing could not.

Within the ill-equipped truth,
Of my disingenuous circumstances,
I see clearly the face of another an know your silent suffering as my own.

There is transcendence here
Beyond the place a logical train of
Thought my mind rarely follows

The remembrance of your touch seared
Into the welcoming of you into my moist flesh, into my heart,
Aching for yet another assault your passion wages.

For I am a warrior born of blood,
Breed by an angry mother in the absence
Of intellectual pursuits, who knew only carnality.

Draw from my weeping body
The weapon of my own destruction
And wipe clean the evidence of my grieving and render it inert.

Lay me down upon the surgical table of the heart,
I surrender myself into the capable hands of the one who can mend
The ribbons of me cut from the severed dream.

There is simplicity in this
There is truth in this
There is purity in this
There is life in this

A union beyond reason and
The permission we give ourselves
To surrender to it, and breathe in a new language of intimacy.

This we grasp with both hands
A risen bliss, and from it flows
The peaceful act of healing what the world could not mend.

Fueled by an unknown source
Crafted in the furnace of simple magic
Forged by the steel blue blows of selfish tongues, unknowingly.

Beneath the surface of our deeds
An honest epiphany is delivered in my breast like a secret
Guarded by the crumbling walls of my own idolatry.

And I know, beyond my own ability
To prevent the now writ’ truth…

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)*

*quote from e.e. cummings 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Elegy For Jay Gatsby

All wanted things grew silent the night,
the absence of understanding became your entombment.

The languid beauty of your sleeping figure
set secretly from my reach, sparkled with a dark beauty.

Death brought you the release of your inexhaustible torment
living the life, five years her absence brought you.

In the darkened state of my dreams, with the bright
knowledge of a murderous truth, I alone now know, I am your friend.

I sent out across the expanse for any who would come
to honor you as a man, as the giver of gifts, as the sacrificial lover.

No one came.

Your body lie as in sleep, waiting for her to come
As you always had, with the sharp ambition to win her.

The embroidery upon the satin should bear an epitaph,
The great lover who built an empire from longing.

Campaign dreams, the texture of your desires, sprinkled the color of your coffin
casting long shadows over the foundation of the great house you hoped to lead her home to.

Green light blinking on in the expanse, far greater, with no boat to sail across such a sea with.
She gave you the emptiness of regret instead, lay silence upon your quiet breast in lieu of flowers.

Sleep now, Gatsby, your father’s hand is near. 
I’ll keep watch now, settle deep into the bosom of peace.

“So we beat on, boats against the current, 
borne back ceaselessly into the past.”
 ~F. Scott Fitzgerald, the final line from the Great Gatsby.

My poetic tribute to one of the greatest literary characters in American fiction and his author. The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite novels of all time and I've often wanted to write an elegy for a fictional character, this is my first attempt. An Elegy for Jay Gatsby. 

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dawn in Bed

In the cool of early morning
the steel blue coming dawn
heralds the approach of the sun.
I lie in a half-lucid state
underneath the memory of your
eyes the color of the azure sky.
My world existing beneath their
all encompassing gaze. I know no
other dwelling place where
your expanse is not above me.

My thoughts make no rebuttal to this truth.
Disarmed and naked in my vulnerability
the light reveals my state, the fragility of a woman
whom has known the touch of a man
and been irreparably altered by it.

We exist in the moments that are now slipping
through my consciousness, growing more
alert, like sand through groping hands.
Fragments of moments and flashes of memories
the color of tin, and just as sharp,
I collect with words on pages
and how I long to craft them into possessions I can keep,
and carve out a place for them upon the shelf of my days
where I can finger them once more in silence.

You have placed the glow of the sun in my heart
and given me peace in unsettled places.
You have laced together particles of my soul
that had no hope of cohesion
until you laid eyes upon them.
With your instrument of sounds discernible to no one but me
you loved me into the madness of surrender.

I hear you in the bathroom stirring the
sounds of your physical presence.
The beckoning of your obligations take
you from my arms and though I still
feel you with me, you are not here.

Grief for moments passed and a hope
for many others provoke me awake
so that I might occupy the same simple day
as you, and walk in the hope that the expanse between
the days you craft for us with your simple words
will inevitably bring you home to me.

At the side of our bed you kissed me good morning
and I swallowed you into my embrace once more.
I am yours again beneath your endless sky.
Until you struggle away, and I am left in the still warm bed
of our night beneath the stars that will never
alter with our own movements in spite of them.

I know that you must go now.
A mournful, blissful radiance will be the garments
I shall wear today in remembrance of you.

I see you now from a distance
In the doorway
In the street
In the vehicle of your absence

And I know now, without a doubt, that I have loved you without boundaries, and I will never be the same.

I have recorded an audio version of this poem on SoundCloud, Click here for a listen: 
Dawn In Bed Audio

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Existing in two dimensional intangibility
Your arms weighty with the details of life
An ardent taskmaster awaits, the dictator of survival
Our paths crossed along your trade-route toward home

You smiled at me
And your eyes danced
You smiled at me
And my heart grew wings

In the stonewalled silence you surround yourself with
My delicate words seek an opening
Hopeful I send them through the needle-eyed sliver
I see you briefly in the ignorance of my existence

Spending myself with a thousand thoughts
Delicate words etched from the details of my own life
Folded gently together with prayer
I send them all unfettered with wings like expectation

A thousand tiny syllables uttered behind my teeth
Behind lips swollen with sobbing
Sharp against my fingers as I fold
Bloodied digits with paper-cut ambition

Red lipped remembrances
Smoothed across the page
And how I prayed
That would be the one that would sail you home

My skin bares the mark of your silence
My platform bed, worn thin like tears on pages
Heart fragile as paper
Rising with expectation to herald your homecoming 

I wait in the solemnity of prayer
In the dark before the dawn
In the stillness before the storm
From lighthouse paper airplanes sent in silence

Sweep me into the embrace of a thousand tiny hopes realized
In the light of a new day sprung from weeping
Heavy in your arms where the details once were
Thick with the dimensionality of grace in all it’s splendor

I am not shaken
I am not removed
I am not absent
From the fullness of loving you

Resurrect from the ashes with me my love
Dust the mourning soot from your weary eyes
Bury the disembodied despair you once surrendered to
Take my hand, together we will transcend

In a three dimensional kiss whisper the triumphant words of those
Who have risen from an amputation of the soul
And settled into truth of what it means to live again
alone... again... at last…

We are. 


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


sensation of skin on skin
fingertip on nose and mouth, drawing a single, solitary line
he slips down my body with tactile elegance

alight with the provocation of enhanced awareness
I am alive again, for the first time
heart pulsing love notes into my extremities

filling my ear with hot words
softening my defenses,
transforming my ravenous need into blissful fulfillment

rose scented pathways
marks the passage of lips curled with words
on the end of every simple sound

the standard of beauty we have become
a redefinition of each other’s desire
quantifying simple needs with breath and resonance

blood provoked with the tip of a tongue
liquid thoughts like sugar
dissolve between the friction of our kisses

classic style, with momentary graces
steals through my consciousness
like sand through groping hands

knit together with fragments of spirit and soul
in the warmth of glimpses, we see a desired state
crafted in the image of Eden, in it we are made new

sandalwood and the godly taste of ambrosia hidden in
folds of flesh. drink deep from the hard
liquored shots we take of one another

intoxicants slipping down the throat
of my openness aching for satiety
consummation of joy manifested in those moments

this woman belonging to one man alone
in his darkest secrets, her whispered name remains
and in hers, branded by the fires of his promise, she bears his mark

we are at the beginning of our love story, he says
my princess, my love, my sweet baby,
this is it for me… this…

is far too great a burden for one man to bare
and bending to remove, is now misshapen,
broken beneath the weight of unspoken expectations

transformed into a great a swell of sorrow overwhelming,
in the fragrant morning of his absence I realize
it was always, only just a dream…

Now open those pretty eyes and see, with sobered lucidity.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Transient

St. Terese Florida 

I exist as an orphaned creature
borne of want and fury

this once fertile existence
now suffers but a glimpse of plenty by moonlight

monstrosities only make sense in
the shadow of present nightmares

cast off like a blanket, will I this night
but gather instead provisions fit for an escape

fear is but imagination
set free in madness

I shall no longer endure the darkness,
but grope after days of illumination

switch on the light, when found,
and stand awake in truth

linger not here, will I
in this place between worlds

dream no longer, will I of
Eden recreated in mortal fantasies

it is the light I now pursue,
and the light-giver with arms wide as weeping

at his feet I’ll lay myself
and bathe in the bright shelter of his warmth

for what greater purpose does light have
if not to vanquish darkness with it’s presence

Look for me no longer among the shadows.

Linking up again with dVersepoets.com #OpenLinkNight and writing along with A Poem A Day challenge for National Poetry Month. (Though I'm not always posting the poems) Today's prompt was light and darkness. I made an attempt to capture a journey through both. Thank you for reading and thank you for your kind/constructive comments, they are deeply appreciated. ~Apryl