Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Connection Born of Fire

He lies sleeping,
My pen across the page,
His white noise lullaby.

And you… you settle
Deep into the places lovers keep
The blinding light of a dream I can touch.

This secret life sustaining me,
Through the fragrant disappointment
The chosen consequences of living brings.

I am, in stillness,
A woman who loves you beyond reason,
Soul sought what wishing could not.

Within the ill-equipped truth,
Of my disingenuous circumstances,
I see clearly the face of another an know your silent suffering as my own.

There is transcendence here
Beyond the place a logical train of
Thought my mind rarely follows

The remembrance of your touch seared
Into the welcoming of you into my moist flesh, into my heart,
Aching for yet another assault your passion wages.

For I am a warrior born of blood,
Breed by an angry mother in the absence
Of intellectual pursuits, who knew only carnality.

Draw from my weeping body
The weapon of my own destruction
And wipe clean the evidence of my grieving and render it inert.

Lay me down upon the surgical table of the heart,
I surrender myself into the capable hands of the one who can mend
The ribbons of me cut from the severed dream.

There is simplicity in this
There is truth in this
There is purity in this
There is life in this

A union beyond reason and
The permission we give ourselves
To surrender to it, and breathe in a new language of intimacy.

This we grasp with both hands
A risen bliss, and from it flows
The peaceful act of healing what the world could not mend.

Fueled by an unknown source
Crafted in the furnace of simple magic
Forged by the steel blue blows of selfish tongues, unknowingly.

Beneath the surface of our deeds
An honest epiphany is delivered in my breast like a secret
Guarded by the crumbling walls of my own idolatry.

And I know, beyond my own ability
To prevent the now writ’ truth…

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)*

*quote from e.e. cummings