Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An Autumn Night in Boulder

Photo: Boulder Boulder by Katerha

patchouli scented pathways
stone sentinels stood steadfast
Chaco covered Pearl Street set ablaze
planetary alignment, hidden in the stars

you brushed against my hand
enough to feel the warmth of skin
as we were wondering through that foreign land
street venders peddling wares within

I bought an artisan’s amethyst ring
a solitary remembrance slipped on tight
as the buskers began to sing
we whispered promises with hearts alight

our childlike laughter of organic origin
created atmospheric disturbances
in those simple moments we became like puritans
beyond the rigidity of archaic formulas

sipping fare trade coffee in the moonlight
stepping into the new familiarity of one another’s presence
hoping endlessly for an extension of this night
returning to us our once forgotten adolescence

Tonight I'm linking up with dVerse where we are celebrating OpenLinkNight... if ye be of the poetic persuasion and spin a few rhymes link up with us. Cheers, hoping to see you at the bar!