Thursday, January 31, 2013

Return to me My Paramour

One word and I became thy paramour
First exchange you became my paramour

Dancing from twilight ‘til first light
You gave heart cause to sigh, my paramour

All seasons end, tempos fade ‘til absent
At rest hopeful for your return, my paramour

Gone again and with it’s end I defy
The stars that separate me from my paramour

Torn asunder severed souls are restless
I seek, and hope to find my paramour

Upon these wooden planks I plot my course
With pure love shall I find my paramour.

All ahead full, ‘til season ends
April brings back again my paramour

I'm linking up with the poets over at for a Poetry Prompt by Samuel Peralta using the form, ghazal sonnet. This is my first attempt, which I'm sure I will edit further at a later date. For now, however I appreciate any feedback you might offer. Thank you ~Apryl 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cult of Celebrity

somebody please explain to me
why Snooky is paid to be
a television personality

the bachelor has his harem
seeking an arrangement
not a lifelong commitment

sorry Honey that Boo Boo
isn't something I want you
to do, to be, to see

historical accuracy
takes a back seat to
the political heresy

our heroes wear Lycra
not a badge, or a name tag
hold up, but that was funny huh?

knock, knock, knock, Penny!
my OCD has
gotten the best of me

Bill Cosby said it best
when he said
God has a sense of humor

I want my MTV
not a documentary seeking
the cultural pulse through celebrity

storytellers run the news rooms
and wackadoo is a definable being
person of real interest

CSI, Law & Order
it's really all about
how the Bones have taken over

crimes are all solved in an hour's time
to tell you the truth I
prefer the Grey's scale

but I suppose Madea said it best,
Livin' takes a lifetime

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Like the Tide

Long and plain
in our
Slipping gently
into my thought,
beneath the sinews
that bind
day to night
and me to you.
Your words live
in my veins now.
Skin dissolved
as membrane.
Union of souls,
body, mind,
emotive, passionate.
Draw back with me
like the tide.
Fold yourself
into the petals
of my embrace.
Settle into the
cradle of my rib cage;
the bend of my knee,
the connective things
that enclose
man into woman
dark and deep
into the secrets
lovers keep.
We speak a language born
of fire
and of earth
of nights
we lost words
in our surrendering
to the unknown god
of my idolatry. You
have become
the definition of man.
And me, I became
a refuge of woman
bedded and curled
at the whisper
of your name.

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