Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cult of Celebrity

somebody please explain to me
why Snooky is paid to be
a television personality

the bachelor has his harem
seeking an arrangement
not a lifelong commitment

sorry Honey that Boo Boo
isn't something I want you
to do, to be, to see

historical accuracy
takes a back seat to
the political heresy

our heroes wear Lycra
not a badge, or a name tag
hold up, but that was funny huh?

knock, knock, knock, Penny!
my OCD has
gotten the best of me

Bill Cosby said it best
when he said
God has a sense of humor

I want my MTV
not a documentary seeking
the cultural pulse through celebrity

storytellers run the news rooms
and wackadoo is a definable being
person of real interest

CSI, Law & Order
it's really all about
how the Bones have taken over

crimes are all solved in an hour's time
to tell you the truth I
prefer the Grey's scale

but I suppose Madea said it best,
Livin' takes a lifetime