Thursday, January 31, 2013

Return to me My Paramour

One word and I became thy paramour
First exchange you became my paramour

Dancing from twilight ‘til first light
You gave heart cause to sigh, my paramour

All seasons end, tempos fade ‘til absent
At rest hopeful for your return, my paramour

Gone again and with it’s end I defy
The stars that separate me from my paramour

Torn asunder severed souls are restless
I seek, and hope to find my paramour

Upon these wooden planks I plot my course
With pure love shall I find my paramour.

All ahead full, ‘til season ends
April brings back again my paramour

I'm linking up with the poets over at for a Poetry Prompt by Samuel Peralta using the form, ghazal sonnet. This is my first attempt, which I'm sure I will edit further at a later date. For now, however I appreciate any feedback you might offer. Thank you ~Apryl