Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Dusted leaves and painted showers hidden within
Angry winds blow through my soul stirring forbidden emotions
Whispered fantasies and aching loins,
Push me upon the threshold of insanity

Your words overtake me,
like waves upon the shores of disillusionment
Breaking me down with every syllable
Contentment seems an impossible dream.

Newness entices me and forces me from reality
The strength to love you, the power to deny you,
All within the boundaries of myself.

Going on and on seems endless,
Resistance seems futile
Yet painfully I resist you.

Unspoken words lie heavily within my breast
Your actions haunt my mind
Fleeting emotions seem a thunderstorm.

I long to be within your arms and inside your heart
Your passion burns visions of you into the dark corners of my mind.

You are my disability, your unconditional love paralyzes me
Within your eyes lurks the destruction of all I ever dared to dream.

I release resistance, allowing you to completely devour me,
With the devastation of consummation and I am forever changed.

And you, in the morning light of reality,
are merely an illusion. 

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