It was an April morning with the sun rising over the city, in Denver Colorado was I born. I was named Apryl Dawn, because no other name had been chosen, not for a girl at least. My Father would later tell me it was something from our native roots, the naming of a child after a thing of beauty in the natural world, and the first thing he saw was the Dawn as he cradled me in his arms.

My Mother however would disagree, it was her choice to change the spelling. And so you see, it was under that was I born, with parents as diverse as the Colorado landscape, born of mountains and of city, heritage of Latin, German, Native American, and others blending into this product of the melting pot, American woman that I am.

     Years now into the East have I found my settling. Mothering and nurturing growth of Family, of Business, of the rapidly changing purposes in all of us. I am poet, author, friend and lover. A believer, born of spirit and of water, moving forward with life crafted as mosaic in the divine artisan's hand.  Thank you for visiting this blog where writing takes the form of experimentation, creativity, and expression.