Tuesday, April 9, 2013


sensation of skin on skin
fingertip on nose and mouth, drawing a single, solitary line
he slips down my body with tactile elegance

alight with the provocation of enhanced awareness
I am alive again, for the first time
heart pulsing love notes into my extremities

filling my ear with hot words
softening my defenses,
transforming my ravenous need into blissful fulfillment

rose scented pathways
marks the passage of lips curled with words
on the end of every simple sound

the standard of beauty we have become
a redefinition of each other’s desire
quantifying simple needs with breath and resonance

blood provoked with the tip of a tongue
liquid thoughts like sugar
dissolve between the friction of our kisses

classic style, with momentary graces
steals through my consciousness
like sand through groping hands

knit together with fragments of spirit and soul
in the warmth of glimpses, we see a desired state
crafted in the image of Eden, in it we are made new

sandalwood and the godly taste of ambrosia hidden in
folds of flesh. drink deep from the hard
liquored shots we take of one another

intoxicants slipping down the throat
of my openness aching for satiety
consummation of joy manifested in those moments

this woman belonging to one man alone
in his darkest secrets, her whispered name remains
and in hers, branded by the fires of his promise, she bears his mark

we are at the beginning of our love story, he says
my princess, my love, my sweet baby,
this is it for me… this…

is far too great a burden for one man to bare
and bending to remove, is now misshapen,
broken beneath the weight of unspoken expectations

transformed into a great a swell of sorrow overwhelming,
in the fragrant morning of his absence I realize
it was always, only just a dream…

Now open those pretty eyes and see, with sobered lucidity.

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