Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dawn in Bed

In the cool of early morning
the steel blue coming dawn
heralds the approach of the sun.
I lie in a half-lucid state
underneath the memory of your
eyes the color of the azure sky.
My world existing beneath their
all encompassing gaze. I know no
other dwelling place where
your expanse is not above me.

My thoughts make no rebuttal to this truth.
Disarmed and naked in my vulnerability
the light reveals my state, the fragility of a woman
whom has known the touch of a man
and been irreparably altered by it.

We exist in the moments that are now slipping
through my consciousness, growing more
alert, like sand through groping hands.
Fragments of moments and flashes of memories
the color of tin, and just as sharp,
I collect with words on pages
and how I long to craft them into possessions I can keep,
and carve out a place for them upon the shelf of my days
where I can finger them once more in silence.

You have placed the glow of the sun in my heart
and given me peace in unsettled places.
You have laced together particles of my soul
that had no hope of cohesion
until you laid eyes upon them.
With your instrument of sounds discernible to no one but me
you loved me into the madness of surrender.

I hear you in the bathroom stirring the
sounds of your physical presence.
The beckoning of your obligations take
you from my arms and though I still
feel you with me, you are not here.

Grief for moments passed and a hope
for many others provoke me awake
so that I might occupy the same simple day
as you, and walk in the hope that the expanse between
the days you craft for us with your simple words
will inevitably bring you home to me.

At the side of our bed you kissed me good morning
and I swallowed you into my embrace once more.
I am yours again beneath your endless sky.
Until you struggle away, and I am left in the still warm bed
of our night beneath the stars that will never
alter with our own movements in spite of them.

I know that you must go now.
A mournful, blissful radiance will be the garments
I shall wear today in remembrance of you.

I see you now from a distance
In the doorway
In the street
In the vehicle of your absence

And I know now, without a doubt, that I have loved you without boundaries, and I will never be the same.

I have recorded an audio version of this poem on SoundCloud, Click here for a listen: 
Dawn In Bed Audio

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