Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Creature of the Light

These are the wanderings of fingers on skin, and the
liquid thoughts surging through the flesh of men
for the purpose of emptying themselves into the life of another
and in those moments find the solidarity of existence

the song of a man is found in his hips, within
the marrow of him, angular contours of face,
the arch of his back, the curling of toes seeking leverage
the lengthening of torso and ribs with intent to release

In his arms I settle myself, adjustments of hips and breath
with the rhythm of his heart I find the courage to move,
to become the object of one man’s desire, and in me welcome
the evidence of his affections, silent etchings of DNA

genesis of legacy, of the silken movements that slip
across skin and in tiny fragments cling to the
parts of me that were made for him, surrendered self, and with it
the force of our love brings resonance

his whispered I love you at the moment of our coupling drum
upon the tympans of my ears, rumbling symphonic
union of bodies, surrender and control, comprehensive thought
slip into the thickened awe that wonder brings

I have journeyed farther than intended, languished in
the sun longer than I can recall, in those last few
moments before the moon rises, I know most
assuredly that I am a creature of the light

I long to lavish the remainder of my days upon him,
ultraviolet through the clouds, skin provoked by light
words marking me, like the tattooing of skin
I am, in his arms the fullness of a woman

bone of my bone,
flesh of my flesh,
we are one