Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prison of Want

relentless abuses and how I yield to them
inflicted on the back of me
mirror tells me I deserve them
lingers here my soul in the sorrow of want
aching need beyond the threshold of sanity

memories of peace
and how they haunt me
I wanna let go
I wanna quit

release the ties that bind me
cease the tethering of my heart
to a world destructive
push away the hands of greed

unspoiled self
have I so willingly forgotten

beneath the surface you sink
bind me with the sinews of my own flesh
slipping to a place where skin grows numb
and senses subdued
unless provoked by you

whisper to me something real
and the thoughts that spin my head
the off tempo voices  
my break-neck ramblings
are at once silenced

I want of rhythm
speak words
that reach into the marrow of me
beyond  the noise I am screaming
in these bondages I am dreaming

while the pushers are slipping
dollars through the doorway
offering yet another taste

I want of something real,
from origin of self the dark rhythm
of footsteps and heart beats
the invisible substance that
satiates my insatiability
an answer
the un-tethering of my heart

in silence will my revelries be
once the voice that spoke my soul into existence
prophesies over me
and at His feel I’ll lay in
the blissful surrender of self

it is the truth that sets one free