Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Confession of a Fallen Follower

This poem was inspired during a recent sermon by my Pastor entitled Confessions. What would we say if we're honest? From the heart of this follower, my confession.

I am the converted one that follows
long ago laid entombed now risen savior.
My hungry soul in quiet ways allows,
the sin of weakness lending to waver.

My eyes see His glory, living Lord
though knee bows not in moments of anguish
lingering there my need creates a hoard.
Selfishness, I’m sure to lie in languish.

Rescue me, revive me, beyond this flesh,
inadequate I am to follow Him.
This tortured life I self inflict a mess.
Heart cries out, mercy, breathe on me again.

Mosaic life in it’s untold glory
Artisan hands are crafting my story