Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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Tonight there are no rules,
just write
clearing the debris of the day from my head
and only have to reach as far as fingertips
I close my eyes and no longer feel the keys,
grasping sky
wind slipping through them
there are no rules here
only a blank page
open your veins and let flow your DNA
on pages scrawled as with fountain pen
these are the things I cannot say
these are the words no one hears
that i am broken
imperfections crafting mosaic wholeness

slow down
slow down and listen
can you hear it?
silence breaking like glass
panes that separate
reality from the one I live in my head
clarity in the absence of it
like sun, warm on my face
touching skin, translucent
provoking mind, transcendent
Imago Dei


  1. love the pace change there at the end you ratchet it up and drive us straight to the point...smiles.

  2. Thanks Brian, I blame all the Haikus that I've been writing lately >_<

  3. ...imperfections crafting mosaic wholeness...

    ...like that line...enjoyed reading your post.

  4. no rules - only a blank page - love those moments...silence breaking like glass..yes - that's exactly how it can feel

  5. I admire that your willingness to let go and write the contents of your mind, which seems to have led to self knowledge and acceptance:

    "that i am broken
    imperfections crafting mosaic wholeness"

    That part read like you reached a personal breakthrough due to the act of writing. smiles

  6. "no rules, just write" - love those first words that bring freedom :)

  7. Dasuntoucha, Thanks for your kind words.
    Claudia, Thanks, relational is muy importante. I'm glad you could relate!
    Dustus, it's definitely a journey and therapy all at once, I appreciate your words and respect your opinion Thank you :)
    Lori, freedom in words... love it! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  8. Oh I hear ya, Apryl... loud and clear indeed!
    I absolutely loved the pace of this poem.. it started off calm and soothing..and then quickened the pulse of the reader... LOVE IT!!
    I guess that's what happens to a mind that's trying to process too many thoughts at the same time.. (sigh.. been there! :)
    You ave expressed that feeling beautifully here!

  9. Kavisionz,
    You truly are a gift, your encouragement and kind words have made my day, thank you! As a fellow artist I highly respect your opinion.