Friday, March 4, 2011

Rest in His Arms

Today I lay myself down committed to the rest and restoration of my body, a horrible earache caused by a virus. So I finally have the opportunity to write. The fragility of human strength is a very fine line we walk. The resilience of the spirit of man I believe is what Jesus meant when rebuking those he asked to pray for him, saying that the spirit is willing but the body is weak. Perhaps the human spirit is the very reflection of God. Today I’m reminded of that fact, the ringing in my ears and the strength rising in my Spirit that take the characteristic of Faith where I once saw despair. I see this revealed in the eyes of my children, my son with gentle kisses, rubs my back, prays for me whispering I love yous in my ear is the best treatment. This, I believe is evidence that we are creatures crafted by the hand of a loving God, able to show his love to a dead and dying world.

I think we forget what rest is, not simply the absence of activity, but the restoration of us entirely. Spiritual rest where the mending begins in the soul is a choice, and it begins in the surrender of oneself into the arms of the Creator. This day I leave nothing undefended in my life. Laying down my foolish pride, I surrender. Receiving care for the soul, the Lord Jesus washing away the muddy gatherings of this world, is a choice. Jesus came not just to save but also tend to, like a good shepherd, the fallible human condition. So I rest in His care, and am reminded that we all need to learn to allow him to care for each of us.