Friday, March 11, 2011

I feel the most loved when...

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I feel the most loved when …

I feel most loved when my children, with once downy heads wrap me in their arms; it is in that place a Mother knows that love is unconditional. In those moments the memories etch themselves beneath the surface of skin.
When chores are finished and the details of daily life are neatly tucked into the cubbies that hold all our wanderings and we come together and I feel loved. This organic reflection of worship where Jesus reveals himself through the love we lavish on one another, imago dei. Reflecting Jesus in their smiles, their prayers as we deeply love Him and one another.
My breakfast smoothie made with care, morning meds and cup of tea, with no request await me I feel dearly loved. Tending my bedside after surgery, no thought of self, effortless loving, serving as gift, as though it was his honor and not a burden.  It was then I felt most loved, cared for amidst post-op pain peace settling gently upon this thankful wife. The care of a man like God the Father.


  1. Amen to all of it. Hope you're all healed up or healing well.

  2. so true! loved this post, and glad you had help when you needed it most.

  3. Jeri, Yes thank you, on a journey of healing, definitely not an easy one, but well worth it.

    Kelly, Thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to comment :)

  4. Welcome to the 5 minute Friday community - and thanks for this lovely post. I'm intrigued enough to subscribe by email - love when that option is available and wish I knew enough techno stuff to add such a thing to my own blog. Hope your physical healing continues steadily and well.

  5. "as though it was his honor and not a burden"....aaah these words resonate with me...because the Son of Man came to serve, and not to be served. Beautiful imagery and description of your husband. Visiting via 5min Fridays. Be blessed this weekend!

  6. Drgetjustwondering,

    Thank you for your subscription and your comment. Healing is always a process, lots of prayer and patience :)

    Thanks Farmer files :) I love how Jesus came to serve, and also to be the husband to the bride of Christ. I love when I see him through the eyes of my husband looking back at me. Thank you for your comment.