Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blue, Baby Blue

on tip of tongue
igniting thirst
elemental responses
moisture forming upon ready lips
Kiss Baby Kiss
just breathe
hungry lungs
essential essence of life
of living
Blue Baby Blue
widen my eyes
depth of sea
 oceanic embrace
Run Baby Run
into the arms of wanting Savior
eyes like the dawn
burning away dry fig leaves
stripping away excuses
revealing flesh
knowing self
intentions beneath reason
undefined horizon
Hush Baby Hush
insufficient words
from lips of men
dripping like honey
fall to the ground
there is no power
in the lies we speak
or is there
Cry Baby Cry
cleansing tears
starlight’s refrain
gathered in barrels like rain
swelling beneath the sky
blanket of night
the world cannot see
what it is
you mean to me
can they not see
you inside me
do the angels truly weep
Stop Baby Stop
the world from spinning
my hands from sinning
blood from spilling
death relentless
the pulse of humanity
of parentage and personage
within these walls of skin
soul longing to get out
reaching beyond
life and breath echo wanting
can you take me there
beyond self
beyond flesh
beyond thought
ever changing
altering the inalterable
or so I thought
I am
or so He is
or is He
do my thoughts determine
His divinity
or divinity defining humanity
standards no longer
to me
to Him
to the rolling world
Roll Baby Roll
down the green hills
into the water
eroding solidarity
Earth and air
water pressing
momentary touches
powerfully brief
licking away at the sugar coated land
dissolving elementals
revealing words that lay beneath
shallow surfaces
of face and name
in my name
so you know me
or so you think
knowing comes not through conversation
or momentary exchanges
do I know me
mirror mirror
shatter this soul
reveal the hidden things
of life past
threads of days
shreds laid bare
beyond the crucified flesh
though some of it may still live
it is dying
Come Baby Come
into solace
these arms once lifeless
embrace once more
dead men walking
fingertips brushing lips and hair
speaking words
I cannot hear
words inaudible
resonating the will of the one who sent Him
they are one
of God
in Him
in us
through brokenness
pressing down
pulling from the depths
marrow and sand
creation and redemption
temporal vessels
water pots
spilling upon the ground
what they were meant to carry
ability lost
in the perversion of it
gifting found the redemption of it
of me
of her
the Bride
was a whore
Mother of God
where is she found
in prayers of men
falling to the ground
can she not see
the mockery they make of her
does He not see
the mockery she makes of Him
Fly Baby Fly
above this worldly place
where men cannot reach
their fingerprints cannot un-scale you
shed the layers of unbelief
embrace created self
rise above
  groping hands
 those who long to possess you
Soar Baby Soar
above the clouds
beyond the moon
into the blue
Blue Baby Blue
undefined transcendence
from lips of God


  1. April how sweet and powerful
    I love the way you use the titles they are subtle yet strong to promote the message of the arms that hold us like a baby


    So glad to have you join us

    Moonie hugs

  2. Thank you... I am honored. Hugs :) Thanks for inviting me to join in, what a gift!

  3. fly baby fly...this was frickin awesome...would love to hear it read...would be great spoken word...nice one shot

  4. Thanks Brian, you just made my day :)I appreciate the comment.

  5. Words woven with pure magic. Love it.

  6. Wow
    I agree that this wold have even more depth read. There is a lot going on here and I think the speaking of it aloud would give more emphasis in the parts that touch you most.

    Great start to OSW! Nice. :)

  7. I am thankful for your kind words. Katherine & Brian, I heard the words as if they were being spoken as I wrote them. Perhaps one day I will give it a shot at an open mic.

  8. I'd like to hear this one read too. Seems like there is a great deal of energy to the lines that would resonate aloud. Cheers