Thursday, February 3, 2011


Rolling thunderous
Changes the earth like blue tides
Erosion of life

Your words I have read
One hundred times with eyes closed
Etched on my skin

I feel you sometimes
Like breath on flesh void of words
Ebbing like the sea

Sound luring memory
Provoked soul, the element
Of human bonding

Honeyed aroma
Purity of connection
Steeped like spiced black tea

Cardamom on tongue
Like saffron colored silk scarves
Flowing to fill me

Wild, fierce, confused heart
Remember then the solace
Peaceful moments bring

When world weary I
Crawl through this muddied wanting
Reach shores of cleansing

I will sing once more
Rhythmic heart beating faithful
Songs of devotion


  1. I love the intimacy of this piece. It felt close and peaceful. Lovely!

  2. lovely...words etched on my skin....some great lines...keep singing that devotion....smiles.

  3. Brian, thanks for your comment. :) will take your advice for sure.

  4. Greatly done... a love poem to sigh

  5. Thank you Dulce, love poems are one of my favorites, I respect how well you string words to form yours. :)

  6. Great imagery, inherently intimate-efficacious work.