Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fading Black and Blue

puckered, wounded skin now softening
thin curving line cutting front to back
diseased flesh removed
evidence of healing
itching, tugging
signaling wellness
through freshly joined edges of skin
surgeon’s pen now fading
I have more stability now
less aching, more strengthening
body weak, few words with fingers tracing, do I speak
incision, repair job, reconstruction, imperfection 
standing before the mirror,
through paper skin I see
this arm where once was a seed bed of infection
this skin where once was shame
now pink flesh, healing, healthy
painful evidence of life,
the kind of aching and repairing only a body can do
now resonates
cuts acutely accurate,
in the care of skillful hands
resurrecting function in this once disabled limb
able to move again
slowly at first, tight, stretching
I lament, I whine, I surrender
I rise
above the depression of my illness
hand holds, climbing above the darkness like clouds
emergence through the hidden places I’ve created for myself
one who conquered death, tangible
there is no prison I bind myself to
that he has not a key to free me from
this is love,
breathing hope in seeming death
light in darkness
difficult the struggle
stubborn child, fighting the hand of the caregiver
finally releasing clenched fists to receive
at last I have seen
the face of this surrender
and come awake with clean eyes
fresh perspective
I see,
this glorious grace
I earned it not,
yet given reason to hope
and by faith,
surrendered to it


  1. What a great place to come and relax, along with giving my heart and mind some peace!