Thursday, April 5, 2012

Children of the Night

they are the children of the night
creeping up spines as stairwells puckish like
to weave a mystery whilst their victims
lie in wait

they are the goblins of a moon king
hiding behind the sheetrock tempting
words from restless mouths
while they lie in wait

they are the monstrous
doubts and fears of humanity
stirring beneath the dust ruffled complacency
while their prey lie in wait

they are the blissful remembrances
of lovers tender kisses manifest
as imprints on the psyche,
while their paramour lie in wait

they are the prophetic mark
of spirit on subconscious mind
born of communion between human and divine
while their messenger lays in wait

they are the sweet things
of a child’s mental medication
the cookies, milk and teddy bears
that cradle their kind and lie in wait

they are the children of the night,
of fragrance and starlight
of moonbeams and stories told
while dreamers lie in wait

Soldiering on, this is post #4, minutes past midnight. Nevertheless a poem for the day, and appropriately so, the night as well. If you too are joining me on this journey for #NaPoWriMo I commend you and welcome your comments. If any response you make, my response you will receive. Community conversations and for us all encouragement will be found. Write on friends, thank you for your time dear readers. ~ Apryl