Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Box

collecting my annual set of fingerprints
emergence of brown, tattered, simulated warmth
dead bead eyes sewn tight
with the remembrance of how I loved her

the intolerable purple ribbon
opens the tourniquet bound ‘round my heart
all at once I have given myself permission to miss her
the Teddy Bear with her voice box trembling

my name, an I love you, a Happy Birthday
and transmuted the fur into flesh has become
taste the chocolate chip applesauce cake
as the rose sent of her presence intoxicates

the lull of quiet, the inanimate item
soberly shoved back into it’s box
violet ribbon of remembrance bound tight
and pushed back into the closet

and I bury my grandmother all over again

This poem is for day 2 of National Poetry Month... I'm aiming for the 30 in 30. I appreciate your time spent reading these words, inspired by my Grandmother. You know you've loved deeply when an absence is deeply felt. I love you Grandma!