Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stay Hungry My Son

here in the darkness
voice is stifled
here in the darkness
tongue has been bridled

words birthed through lips
consumed by the hearers of them
soul spilled upon the pages eclipses
what reason could not mend

hungry mind seeking knowledge
labyrinth of wanderings
neurological bondage
efforts not traversing

cavernous constraints
rope bridge builders
used string instead
dangling on the shreds,

distance between learning and thriving
living and surviving

poetically forming beneath skin and bone
behind teeth and tongue
words manifesting truth
mind longing to be free

out of darkness comes
from depths unknown
into hearts unknowingly
the light begins forming

it's purpose brings a scope
diminishes blackness
like candles igniting hope
overshadowing hindrances

before the dawn they fled
like sun rays upon pathways
the place where hindrances are shed
and journeys begin

first steps toward freedom
barefoot bleeding
eyes upon an unknown
hope exceeding doubt

stay hungry my son
never stop believing
keep moving dear one
it's freedom you are receiving

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