Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Restoration of Truth

razor edged
raw heart
continually hedged
I’m about to start

open this can of
bleeding prayers
on transparent pages
this religiously-gagged mouth
will speak
words from fingertips dripping ink
keep moving, don’t stop
utter only truth, don’t think

paper cut fingers turning
gold edged truth and the death of lies
through mad pages I keep burning
meditate on that and your spirit flies

I am the resonation of a dream
voice uplifting
all alone and unseen
using my gifting

through the cotton mouthed oppression
of the spiritual rejection
affiliation with the elite
never mind the transgressions in the back seat

oh hell no

I can not, I will not be silent
rise up
generation of the resurrected and awakened
rise up
fulfill your calling, stand and face the giants
rise up
lead not a life of absent worship

tolerate no longer the tolerance of falic fallacies
the death of self and all who grasp
with both hands, this love most powerful
and with it find life beyond the boundaries
you are not, and will never be irrelevant

spread seeds of life
those lips crafted by the holy one
in these moments
words saturate like oceanic immersion

lights dim
darkened by the vanity of absence
we are clean again
well done, my dear ones
every worker earns his wages

be still soul,
weep no longer
quiet spirit,
rouse me not, to ignorance
rest now, world weary flesh
until his razor edged tongue
awakens us to life once more


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