Saturday, March 16, 2013


The color your eyes appeared
in moonlight the night
melancholy took you from me.

The emerald texture of the moment
casting altered shadows on
the brightness you left for me.

In the green veined earthen
child that crawled from the
womb of wanting you.

From the parts of myself genetically
engineered to seek Eden, and know only the
intangible idea of that desired state.

You called forth it’s growth from my depths
life hewn from the stone carved heart
I settled into the palm of your green thumbed hand.

You whispered grace over it,
made flesh to form from it’s deadness
etching into it, like ink on skin, your initials.

With breath and green mist you
enveloped me within it’s blanket of bliss
and promises steeped in raw sensuality.

I saw only what you wanted me to see
though I always held the knowledge of what
lay beneath, a haunting haze of realization.

I could not keep you was the color
of the earth upturned as it’s brown depths
swallowed slivers of grass on the day I lost you.

It's sharp flavor stung my tongue into silence
amputating from my vocabulary
the words that would bring you home to me.

You left me to sail upon a faith-filled sea,
waves the origin of my orphaning, it’s
tides carving deep channels in my skin.

Sand softened glass it
brought me instead, and instead
I kept your green gaze behind my eyelids.

On that beach of your absence
I crafted a mosaic from
green sea glass the color of mourning.

From the poetry prompt Green at dVerse.