Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Muse

inky veined
and muggy too
elementary words flowing through

I am the absence
you are the arrow
targeting this windblown sparrow

unambiguous are the moments
we become a secret creature
forming substance from seeming nothingness

plucking remembrances
from things branded in the brain
the violent acts of living, bleed inspiration

breathe words
from the one born of fire
buried by an earthen father in skin

again and again
union of spirit and flesh
resurrect this vessel’s ability to congregate thought

I am here
but a little while
I beg the stilled silence for oneness

whispers down the bone
creep into subconscious want
become again with me, a creature of beauty

raw symbiosis
we, with stuttered fingers
find each other’s pace, and the words come

slowly and surreal
we dance with black and white
pages of prose and poetic utterances

written by strangeness
creations borne of this madness
I am a writer

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