Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last Flight

blue sky abundance,
billowed expectation
that wanting creates
lavish thoughts in

sky the shape of forgetting
clouds the color of silence
it is there that I loved
in your fragrance, absence
of earthen understanding

alabaster transparencies
heaven in the hindrance of
light,  quiet, cold and

refraction of vision
of day sky sewn together
with condensation

malformed tundra and
a terrestrial drop off sans
oceanic sounds that
fling things into
abysmal need
the want of which defy
Maslow and his hierarchy

snake river gorge and
a buoyant regret not even
switchbacks can confuse

blue, like the wide eyed
wonderings of a childlike
exploration of humanness

gripping with the
fattened fingers of leisure
apathy divines the truth
of prophetic expectations

repetition is the pattern
only choice can break

slip between conscious
choice and the automation
of routine and there
lies observance

descend again into
a reclusive innocent awakening
opaque weariness
give yourself permission
for shedding shards of
substantial solitary existence

just breathe

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