Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little One, I Knew You'd Come

little one,
I knew you’d come
falling through blackness
thrums of voices
singing your ethereal welcome
in languages prime and present
unknown of origin whispers of hope
knit by the hands
of the divine glass blower
who, from lips gave birth
to this dead and dying world
and so too birthed you
from the lips that spoke, let there be
through woman’s womb
into a world in need
of the purity your fresh mind brings
with etches of eternity
still fresh upon your skin
little one,
I knew you’d come
into brokenness of flesh
divine soul from the maker
to be a vessel
of personality and passion
of love and the lightness of being
you are loved little one,
from before the time of your conception
thoughts of you
in the mind of God
his lips uttered your name into being,
come, little one,
come, quietly into this night
come, little one,
come, boldly into this day
come, little one,
come, gently into breathing
come, little one,
walk among the leaves
grow into being
and live your dream

This poem was inspired by my new baby niece or nephew due to arrive any day. May her welcome into this world be blessed. I'm already a proud Auntie. I love you little one! 

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