Monday, April 9, 2012

Auburn Braided Locks

My girls. 

auburn hair with your locks falling down
mother’s fingers, braided crown
how might I make you stay
pale blue eyes have gone astray

auburn hair with your crimson curls
fingers wrapping in a twirl
why must you grow away
brown eyed girl has gone to play

many seek your beauty in a bottle
pour their gold into the hands of tendril artisans
who promise to rival you
though they never can

auburnbraided one so fair
would you dare
trade your locks of copper hair
for momentary wares

you glanced at me momentarily
and back I go
birth of day and light
 crawled your way into my heart that night

slipping through fingers
fumbling with petals unable to linger
softly into the night
would I subdue your flight?

freshly washed, brushed and braided
fold yourself again and again
into my evershrinking arms
press flesh between tiny fingers

brown eyed with wide smile
why must you grow away
blue eyes have walked a mile
how might I make you stay