Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sprawling Childhood

This poem is filled with fun memories of books, songs and poems that I read to my daughter when she was small. She's visiting colleges now, and these are some of the things she clings to. See if you can pick them out ;) 

The Big Red Barn,
and Goodnight Moon,
Runaway Bunny, gone too soon
I will love you forever

hungry caterpillar
that through my skin crawled
and very hungry, drank of my life
until a butterfly you became.

One, Two, One, Two
and through and through,
this flesh, this life
and with it run into the present light

Transparent  like the dawn
Paper wings unfolding
through chrysalis of adolescence,
you were only waiting for this moment to arrive

silhouette through paper in fire
blinking to glimpse with vision obscure 
One day, dear one,
I will learn the art of weeping

Like the mad one that I am.
It’s midday now, and sun hot upon my skin.
I see your wings barely
through squinted eyes.

Breathe, just breath
release this day.
Sunken eyes now see,
you have taken broken wings

and learned to fly.


  1. big smiles...we love goodnight moon and the hungry caterpillar...some of our favs were eric karle books...they grow up sooooooo fast!

  2. Sigh ...it flies by ...these are some of our favorites - the hungry caterpillar ...thanks for the reminder .

  3. Many of the books that my daughters love. Nice work.

  4. No matter how you sit on their heads, they just keep growing up. :)

    I remember many of these books, and now that my oldest is out of college and youngest is starting to look at college... I teach Sunday School to preschoolers so that I can read them again.

    Thanks for the lovely poem.

  5. randall, I love little girls, mine are 11 and 17 now *sigh* the one quote is from a book Mama Do you Love Me. My oldest had it memorized lol and still does ;)

  6. Ben,
    What a great way to share the books we love to continue to give as a teacher. Well done! My oldest is in the college visiting stage now. Yikes!

  7. Just breath-taking imagery, Apryl. I've enjoyed visiting your blog. Blessings to you.

  8. Victoria,

    Thank you for your comment it means a great deal. I checked out your blog and all I can say is, impressive. Blessings to you and I hope to see more of you in the future. ~Apryl

  9. stunning imagery,

    welcome join poets rally.

  10. stunning imagery,

    welcome join poets rally.

  11. Thank you Morning, I will check into it :)

  12. Lovely... the next generation is upon us and it looks like you help to mold it. Thanks for your comment on my site.